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Age is just a number!

Many of us regret in life. Why? Because we think that if I would have grabbed the opportunity when it was there, today results would have been different. If you are forty, fifty or sixty and you say, that opportunity is gone then you are not only physically but also mentally old. I Bhavin J. Shah personal transformation coach am going to talk about such assumptions that you will say age is just a number! We need to get out of getting old mentally. That is even at the age of sixty, seventy, we can be twenty years old mentally. Some such beliefs, such assumptions whom we take and blame or hold ourselves or give excuse of age and we don’t produce the result which we should be producing. I will share four assumptions and will share examples with each one of them because if one person at that age can do that thing then you and I can also do that.


1. Can’t learn new things


Once we get older we can’t learn new things. Here I will give you two examples and these are my life’s examples. Number one is my father Dr. Jitubhai Shah, many of you may know him. He is 73 years old and when covid came in 2020, many of us didn’t knew how to operate zoom and we learnt but people who are aged they give up. But my father at the age of 71 learned zoom and not only that in our home he is known as the youngest learner because whenever anyone’s session is there including mine, he will put the earphones on, will turn on the zoom and sit. At the age of 73 continuous learning is a lifetime process. I always admire one sentence of Henry ford which I can see in him and that is, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or at eighty.” Stop saying that this is not the age for learning. Whatever your age be learn new-new things. 


2. Should slow down

After one age we should slow down, have seen all the up downs of life now what to do? No, a man should be busy till he dies. He should have a schedule in his life. He should be happy and healthy. And for that it is necessary that you should be working. Should slow down is an assumption. Will give you example of Colonel Sanders. Many among you might have heard about him. He showed his recipe to 1009 people at the age of 65 then his recipe got selected and today in all over the world KFC non-veg food stores are running. The owner of KFC was of 65 years old. So never slow down. Age is just a number, anyone can do anything at any age.

3. Physical Fitness is required


This is an assumption that if I am physically fit then only I will be able to do something. Physical fitness is very essential in sports, once a person’s age crosses 30-35 he has to retire. Recently a Bollywood’s movie came on an OTT platform, Disney hotstar, “Kaun Pravin Tambe?” I highly recommend you to watch this movie. I have seen the full movie and when one person gets selected in cricket then he gets the platform to play first on district level then ranji level and then finally in Indian team. Rahul Dravid brought this player at the age of 42 and directly selected him in IPL. You see the fitness of the person at the age of 42 and further in the movie he is seen playing cricket at the age of 50 also. There is a saying in Gujarati, “If your mind thinks that I have to do this then you can do whatever you want.” He did it after working on his fitness. You too can gain physical fitness at any age.

4. Consistency is not possible


How is it possible to do the same thing over and over again after an age? This is an assumption. I recommend one more movie based on real life which is Manjhi. Dashrath Manjhi an old man, he started it when he was young and continued for 22 years, when he started his wife expired because there were no medical facilities available in their village and they had to walk for 21 miles for it. He thought that, “What I have suffered, that my wife died due to lack of treatment, no one else should suffer like this.” And that person not for a day or two, for a month or a year but for 22 years, he alone without any money starts with hammer and makes a road between the mountains. He did this in village named Gaya near Bihar and not only this the chief minister of that time, Nitesh kumar got up from his chair and made Dashrath sit on his chair. Why was this possible? Because this person didn’t let the age come in between. He didn’t bring “consistency is not possible” in between. He took it as an assumption and he was able to do it. Today I see young people of 15-25 year old, they say, “I am so tired today.” No, age is just a number! You can do whatever you want to. 


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