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What is Coach For Life?

Coach For Life is a coaching and consultancy company that has taken a stand to transform lives of people through personal touch. We have touched more than 1,50,000 people’s lives directly in numerous cities of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Jharkhand, Punjab, West Bengal etc. and in countries abroad like Bangkok & Hong Kong.

We use qualified professionals in the development of our products.
CFL journey has been through thrills, adventure, risk, thriving chaos, unthinkable accomplishments and fulfillments.
In everything we do, we have a strong people focus. Our performance is largely dependent on the competence and motivation of our staff. Systems and solutions will only enhance service quality if they are used by knowledgeable people
Throughout, CFL is grateful for those who have supported us for betterment, growth and accomplishing the mission. We are a ray of hope to light up your lives. We strongly believe that one should be transformed in each area of life for success and fulfillment. And to pursue this belief, CFL has designed its tailor-made workshops and sessions accordingly.

Our services are designed to address tasks in a practical, (cost-) efficient manner. We strive to develop intelligent solutions for our clients by reducing complexity and focusing on key issues. In this process, huge potential that exists in Indians inspire us. Unlocking this potential is a lifelong endeavor and mission worth pursuing. 

Contact us today to help you revolutionize yourself, your family or your organization to leave a sustainable positive growth.

master all areas of your life

Personal Counselling


Company's Culture


Stand for people and organizations to produce exceptional results consistently.


Live the life you love



Do as you say, at the time you say. Keep and Honor your word.


Learn from experience, education and everything surrounding you. Be more informed.


Energy is what keeps us moving forward, innovating and improving.


Being thankful makes us more enlightened beings.


Take ownership of everything you do.


Art of making right things better


Treat your customers as human beings.


Practice the art of giving.


Growth. Innovation. Trust

Coach For Life

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