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Why is it important to control your Emotions?

Why is it important to control your Emotions?

How many of us get angry on small-small things? 

How many times does it happen that we get worried about small things? 

Or we are scared of what will happen in future? 

It means that we are disturbed about our emotions. I Bhavin J. Shah personal transformation coach am going to talk about how to control our emotions? 

Let me re-edit it. We can never control our emotions so let’s re-frame the title to “How to manage our emotions?” It’s natural to get angry, worried or scared. I will give some tips using which you can manage your emotions.

1. Don’t Resist



Whenever you get irritated, angry, worried or scared at that time don’t resist it. Don’t oppose it. It means that you accept that, “Yes I am getting angry.” We have access to get out of it when we accept it. 


2. Don’t criticize own self



It may happen that sometimes we might not be able to manage our emotions and we get irritated, imbalanced or get angry on someone but at that time we should not criticize our own self. When we criticize ourselves we go further into that. The more you resist will persist. The more you think that, “I don’t want to get angry” the more you will be.


3. Divert it



It is very-very important and powerful. Divert your anger, fear and emotions. Maybe you are getting very angry on someone at that time that place, if you are worried then make yourself busy, take someone’s support if you are scared but do divert it. But this is not the ultimate solution. 

4. Work on your own self


Work upon yourself, you might do meditation, learning or introspection but talk with yourself and see why it happens? Why does it happen with me and why I keep flowing with it? How can I get out of this? Understand one thing which is said by Gautama Buddha that is, “अत्ता ही अत्तानु नाथो तू ही तेरा गुरुबन”. 


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