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Right way to respond to criticism.

The world’s worst disease nowadays is not what people will say, it is we some way or the other always criticize and demotivate other people. I Bhavin.J.Shah personal transformation coach am going to talk about –

The Right Way to respond to Criticism

I will tell you about how to respond in a right way when someone criticizes you. I will share five points which are very easy but whenever someone criticizes you and you apply these points then you can be happy in a very short span of time. And will be able to come out of that situation and mental distress. 


1. Stay Calm

Whenever someone criticizes you, stay calm at that time. Many times we say that, “I want to stay calm, I even count backwards or drink one glass of water or shut my mouth whenever I will get angry.” But it does not happen that way because in such situations our real nature comes out. I will recommend you all that if you want to stay calm then you do vipashana meditation. If you are unable to do vipashana meditation then do at least basic of it that is Anapana meditation. In that you just have to observe your breath. I am recommending you this because whenever any situation comes in which you are getting criticized or angry, you will be able to stay calm. When you will observe your breath you will stay in present. If you stay calm in worst situations then less argument will happen. 


2. Listen actively

Any person who criticizes you, listen to them as if you are receiving some kind of a gold. Why would anyone criticize you? Only two types of people criticize. First are those who are your well-wishers and who wants best for you. They want you to move ahead in life. Second are those who are jealous of you. If someone criticizes you out of jealousy then understand somewhere or other you are ahead of them. Whenever you listen to criticism, listen it actively because we don’t know when we can get any good point out of it. 


3. Repeat the criticism

Whenever someone criticizes you, after listening it calmly repeat it and say, “Do you want to say this?” What if there is something more deep down? You would also get to know about that. And therefore it is very important that when someone criticizes you, repeat it to them. You might feel that, “How should I speak to him like this? I only know how sad I am.” But when you repeat then the person in front of you becomes calm. 

4. Ask for help from authority

In my own life, I have different mentors for different field. I have a mentor for fitness, spiritual growth, business and I even have a mentor for where should I express my feelings. So you should ask help from your authority and whenever someone criticizes you, instead of answering to it see what you should do. 

5. Move on politely

Imagine after all of this you feel that the person is criticizing you out of jealousy and there’s nothing like that in you that he is saying. If you think that you are living a next level of positive and inspiring life then move on politely. Don’t listen to what he is saying, you just move on politely. Let me share you one experience of my life, I went to a wedding in 2013 in Mumbai. Lots of my cousins were present there and one of my cousin told me that the other cousin was talking about me that, “What is this motivational course he has started? He is already half mad and after this he will completely turn mad.” And after listening to this I replied, “Thank you very much, he wishes good for me that’s why he is saying this.” It’s been 9 years to that thing and today he is still there where he was and you can see where I am today. So I took criticism as an opportunity. So, if you will do all these five things then your life won’t be the same.

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