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4D’s Principles

There is an incidence of Benjamin Franklin’s life. His personality was very big and he used to stay busy most of the times. He used to work whole day but still at the end of day some work used to stay pending and this didn’t stayed like this for days but for weeks and months. And he had stress of it. He thought of how to get rid of it? He decided to make list of his work. He made a checklist for his work and maintained it for a week and after this he realised that, “I am doing all the work which shouldn’t be done and not doing the work which should have been done.” Many of us stay busy for whole day but if anyone asks that, “What you did whole day?” Then will scratch their head and say they don’t know where did the day went. Do we want to live our life like this only? No we don’t want to live such life. Today I am going to share such 4D’s principles using which you can be productive in life. We all have 24 hours in a day, we all have equal amount of time, why don’t we use our time in such a way that it goes to do work which are most important. 

1. Do it


You should do only that work which you need to do. You might be wondering that why I am saying like this but there are only two things which only oneself should do. That is one health and number two relationships. A person can focus on his health only by himself. It is not possible that you get admitted to hospital on my behalf. Mental and physical health are two most important thing. If I say it in another way then at the age of sixty people will ask you about only two thing that is, “How is your health and relationships? And all those who got successful they kept on learning to grow mental health. One of the two richest people of the world, Warren Buffett daily reads for five hours and Bill gates completes two books in a week. So learn-learn and learn for mental health and do exercise for physical health. And also pay attention to your diet. How much time do you spend for your relationship like with your parents, spouse or kids? We are so busy that we spend time in earning money and don’t realize that with time our age is also increasing. 

2. Delegate it


You see the work and whatever work you can delegate, you delegate it to someone. Because you won’t be able to do everything alone in life even if you want to do it. If you think that you will be able to produce best result with 100% perfection for some work whereas if you give it to someone else they will be able to do with only 60-70% perfection then also give to another person. For example if I will only record, speak, prepare content or do everything then how is it possible? Those who have turned into big businessman they have done only such things which they were needed to do i.e. to think and to plan, execution is done by others only. It is said for the diseases that 90% of the solution is to reserve it, the work of medicine is only 10%. 

3. Defer it

Many work will be like that if you do it, if you don’t do it, it will be okay. Put such work in the waiting list. If you will give your time for important work than you will get time for defer it work. Which you do it or not, it will be okay. 

4. Dump it (Don’t do anything which can give you unhappiness)

It is a very-very important point. Today where does our maximum time goes, whether you say it or not but it goes in time pass activities. Today while we watching series we don’t realize where we complete one, two or three episodes of it. I know many people who watch only series or movies till two-three am at night. And when I ask them that what they learnt from it then the answer is nothing. Even I am active on social media like there is a series on Netflix – Bad boy billionaires in which they did such work which they shouldn’t be doing. I will tell you one thing that don’t take money on debt and if you take then see it in such a way that its calculation stays in your mind or else you will fall and made people with you fall too. So dump it, the work which you shouldn’t be doing, don’t do it in any circumstances. 


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