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How to Be Self-Confident Without Being Arrogant?

There is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance. Many times we want to be confident but knowing or unknowingly we become arrogant. I Bhavin J. Shah personal transformation coach am going to talk about – 

How to Be Self-Confident Without Being Arrogant?

I will share with you six such points using which you can be confident without being arrogant.

1. Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses



Many of us don’t know about our strength and weaknesses. And therefore we often take such decisions which can be harmful for us and others. First of all it is important that we make a list of all the strengths and weaknesses. When you aware with both the things, you know when and how to behave with whom. If I become arrogant or aggressive then immediately I realize that I am operating from my weakness. When we will get to know about it than only will able to maximize our strength and eliminate our weaknesses. Today many people work upon weaknesses but just remember one thing that no matter we work upon it, it will still be our weakness. What we have to do is to work upon our strengths because we want to maximize it. For example my strength is to make sessions and lead them and my weakness is to handle the operations. So I work upon my strength so that I don’t become arrogant and I become confident in the area which makes me happy. It is not my job to handle the operations i.e. our team of Coach for Life, it’s not my job to take or give them work and I become arrogant whenever I do it. And therefore I have delegated it to the CEO of Coach for Life – Minal Shah. 


2. Be Humble



Now you have known about your strength and weaknesses and weakness is not going anywhere, it might be possible that you get arrogant sometime, feel like that you have not behaved well or someone has not behaved well with you. One thing is very clear that every person has a different story. We don’t know his reason behind this behavior. So I highly recommend to be humble, be kind even if we get angry but as soon as we realize it, we should apologize to the other person.

3. Be Approachable


If you don’t want to be arrogant then be approachable. People can easily meet you. Today I am not easily approachable but it doesn’t mean that I am arrogant, I have taken number of my close ones so that whenever I feel I should talk or meet this person and I definitely do it. 

Many people don’t stay approachable because of the discrimination of colour, caste, position etc. Remember one thing that we can earn more love from people when we stay approachable. And it also increases the confidence. 

4. Don’t be afraid to be wrong


Many of us stay scared, away from others, go down because we are afraid that we may not be wrong. Remember one thing that today not a single person is successful who has not been failed once before. So if you want to be successful than don’t be afraid. When you think that you should do it than take action for it. What will happen at most? You will fail but at least you will not die. 

5. Review and Repeat


See what things can bring you success, you can earn people’s love, can increase your confidence. Review and repeat that. One thing is very important that, 


“Consistency is the mother of mastery.” 
“Repetition is the key to success.”


If you do something over and over again, you are sure to achieve success in it.

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