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The Battle Story of Dr. Nadia Chaudhari

The Battle Story of Dr. Nadia Chaudhari

In such a situation, I am not a publicist of social media but today what I am going to share with you is about a lady from Pakistan who died in Canada. She was born in 1978 and died in 2021. She lived such a life which can be an inspiration for all of us. I, Bhavin J.Shah Personal Transformation Coach, am going to talk about a lady doctor whose name is Dr. Nadia Chaudhri. 

This lady was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and got to know that she has very little time to live. A thought comes in her mind that, “I have to do something that makes my death worthwhile.” Last stage of cancer and she starts to live, and starts to raise funds for such scientists, students who don’t have money but want to study. She opens an account on twitter and appeals to people for funds. She shared her personal life’s sharing that in the beginning there were very few followers but at the time of her death she had more than 149k followers. The lady about which I am going to talk about lived such a way which we all say, especially I say that, “I want to live such a life that I don’t regret even if today is my last day.” At the age of 43 this lady died. On 11th May 2021 a few months after her diagnosis she wrote on twitter that, “Today I am going to tell my son that I am very close to my death. I need your prayer because I am very scared.” And on 12th May she wrote, “Today my son and I cried a lot because this was not acceptable for both of us. But now we both have accepted that we have very less time.” 

With this she shares more tweets and her personal experiences but the most heart-touching and the one which shook me, was written on 24th September 2021 in which she shared her video of 15 seconds. She dances on music even after being close to death.  


Think about it the lady who is going to die soon and let me tell you that on 5th October 2021 i.e. within 11 days she dies, who is going through pain, chemotherapy is dancing from her hospital bed. She gives message to people that a person can live even while dying. I want to invite you all to live such a life which becomes an inspiration for other just like life of Nadia Chaudhri. 


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