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Nothing is Impossible in Life

Nothing is impossible in life

On 22nd August 2006,  a twenty year old boy left for Delhi in Kalka Shatabdi express. He was seated on his seat and behind him was a police officer’s seat. The police officer was carrying his gun whose spring got loose and because of which three bullets were fired from the gun and the boy who was sitting ahead of him got hit by it. All three bullets got hit in his stomach and he fainted there. People took him to the hospital where he was operated for a long period of time. And when he regained consciousness after some time, the doctor told him that, 

“You are very lucky that bullets didn’t go in your liver, it passed from the side but the sad part is that you won’t be able to walk again in your life. The entire area below your waist is paralyzed.” This boy while sitting on the bed was thinking what could he do. Now listen very carefully to what I am going to say, the boy with whom this happened at the age of 20 was none other than the one who became a player of the Indian hockey team at the age of 17 whose name was Sandeep Singh. 

He got paralyzed at the age of 20 and had to sit in a wheelchair. Now he had nothing to do in life. Whatever the doctor said to him, he was strong in his mind and decided that, “I will stand up and play hockey once again.” He goes abroad with his brother and there he stays on wheelchair for almost a year and slowly-slowly stands up by working hard with strong mind, practices hockey and gains back the position in the hockey team. And the interesting thing is that after playing the first hockey match internationally for India, he is made the captain of the Indian team because he started to play such good hockey. He got many achievements for Indian hockey team. And he gets to know by his one shot that is Flicker shot. 

If you will search the flicker on Google then you will find Sandeep Singh’s name. Even a biopic movie has been made on him named Soorma. It’s a must watch movie. A gist of this blog is that where we have reached in life is decided by how many times we have not gave up, how much our mind stayed strong, how many times we stood up against failures. 


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