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Air Deccan सफलता की कहानी

Air Deccan सफलता की कहानी

I, Bhavin.J.Shah, Personal Transformation Coach, am going to talk about a person’s life whose name is Captain Gopinath. He is a person who grew up in a small village and used to do farming. In his school, the headmaster being his teacher, writes a postcard in the air force that your exams are conducted in English. If they can be written in their mother tongue then our children will be able to give exams. After 3 months the answer comes from the air force that you can give an exam in your mother tongue. The headmaster asks the children and captain Gopinath gets ready to give the exam. He gives exams and gets selected in the military. This person worked for 8 years in the army, also served in war in 1971 when Bangladesh got separated from Pakistan. Why am I telling so much about this person? Because, in 1995 when the Indian government thought that why not to motivate people to do more business at that time this person had a dream to fly people in airplanes at low fares. People travel in congestion in trains and don’t get space at all. He thought, “What should I do so that a person can travel in a plane for one rupee?” He thought about such-such things, and did such works that people got shocked. I will share some examples of his life.

1. Think out of the box 

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Big-Big planes with 80 seats which used to fly very high in the sky. A thought comes to his mind that, “Why shouldn’t I bring the plane down, why shouldn’t I fly it at lower level so that less fuel is used and why shouldn’t I use smaller planes so that the cost of plane decreases and more people can sit in that. 

2. Low profit, High volume

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He thought to make people travel in one rupee also. What will be the experience of the one who has not sat in flight for whole life and now will be able to travel? He has sold the ticket even in one rupee. May it be an auto-driver, or an old women from village, they all have got to travel in plane. He thought that a normal flight take 8 trips in a day but we will do as many trip as possible so that the cost of plane reduces.

3. Any person can start new work at any age

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He started this at the age when he was already retired from the army. And after that he started to fly the plane and make people sit in it. Captain Gopinath said, “I went back to my village thinking that I will do farming in my retirement.” But the thought of making everyone travel in the plane brought him back and started this company after retiring from the army. The person who was born in 1951 started to make people travel in low cost airplanes in 1996. First he started with helicopter rides and in 2003 he starts Air Deccan airways. 

4. Grab the opportunity, when you see

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When he saw that because of his example people started following him. And more small-small companies came into existence and increased the competition then in 2007 he sold a major part of Air Deccan to Kingfisher (Vijay Malaya – Owner of kingfisher) How to make an exit at right time and grab the opportunity, it can be learned from him. 

The whole point of this blog is that anyone can make their dream true. And if you want to see that how the whole story have been shoot in real life then you can watch the movie Udaan which is performed by the actor Surya. 

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