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A Hidden Story of Sachin Tendulkar

A Hidden Story of Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, who is known as the god of cricket has been awarded with the highest civilian award by the government of India. Why? I, Bhavin.J.Shah Personal Transformation Coach, am going to talk about the story of Sachin’s life which most of us don’t know. 

During 1989-1990 Sachin Tendulkar went to Pakistan with the Indian cricket team to play a test match. Out of all the test matches, I am going to talk about the incidence of the last test match. Before that, let me tell you, during that time Pakistan had a very strong team. They had all fast and powerful bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Zakir Khan and Imran Khan who won the world cup for Pakistan in 1992. In the fourth test match, India’s score was 22 runs with 4 wickets. All good players of India were out and only two players were remaining. Sachin Tendulkar entered at sixth number and Siddhu was standing there already. The incident which I am going to tell you is known to only three people. Sachin, Siddhu and Dr Ali Irani, who was their physiotherapist who had come to the ground. And when Siddhu told everyone about this incident in Mumbai then all came to know about it. You might feel that what incident happened which made Sachin, The Sachin Tendulkar? 

Waqar Youn is was balling and Sachin was batting. He was a very fast baller and first ball went bouncer. The second ball directly came on Sachin’s face and it broke his nose and as soon as his nose broke he fell on the ground. His nose was continuously bleeding and Siddhu was standing in front of him. He thought that it’s good if he survives to play because if he goes then there is no one left in the team. And at the same time he sees Ali Irani entering. Ali Irani has two things. One Cretonne Tablet and an ice pack. Siddhu thinks that this person is gone. What will this small boy do now? He will go back inside and sleep. But at that time Sachin Tendulkar says that, “Ali, I will play, you go, I will play.” Siddhu while standing on non-striker end thinks that, “It’s good if I get out” but when he sees that this young boy is ready to play in spite of the injury then why should I not support him? In the next ball, Sachin gets yolkier and in that situation he hits a four. And Siddhu feels that, “If this boy can do it then why can’t I do that?” Sachin scored 50 runs and Siddhu scored 98 runs and led the game to draw match. The message which made him Sachin Tendulkar was “I will play (में खेलेगा)” Whatever problem you have in life, it may be in area of money, health or relationship the one thing that you should tell yourself is, “I will play (में खेलेगा) I will never give up



“I have got this one chance and will give my best for it.” And therefor Sachin Tendulkar has made more than 34,000 runs in cricket. The second person to Sachin is Kumar Sangakkara who made 28000 runs. So if anyone who wants to beat Sachin’s score they has to first score 28000 runs than plus 6000 runs more to beat his record. And therefore Sachin is known as god of cricket. 


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