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Positive habits to transform your lives.

Positive habits to transform your life.

Today we are going talk about such four positive habits that will transform your life. I Bhavin.J.Shah personal transformation coach has come up with this blog so that we adapt to such habits that will transform our lives.


1. Mental Habits

Under this, we will see three habits that make you mentally strong.

I. Write about your success/achievements – Make a list of all the positive acts that you have done in your life till now. Whenever a person writes about it at that time his mind automatically gets a message that I have done many good deeds in life. In most of the cases we criticize ourselves and instead of doing this if start writing about our success/achievements then automatically we will send a positive command to our mind. So the very first thing that we have to do in mental habits is to make a list of our successes and achievements.


II. Let go the let go – We need to learn to let go in life. And therefore let go the let go. We give importance to small, small things in our life. And we believe that whatever is needed to move forward in life, it should be held, what I say, it should be like that only but it is not necessary. What is necessary is that when situation is not in our control, for the sake of our mental health we should let go it.


III. Think about success – We have to think that in which and what area of life I should work through which I can get success. Most of the people focus on the things that might never happen and better then that we should focus on what we should do so that we can get success. And to get success we need to think about success then we will be successful.


2. Emotional Habits

What are the emotional habits? Emotional habits are more important than mental habits because mental habits are what we do is visible from outside, somewhere we can feel it but emotional habits are directly connected with our feelings. So  first point in emotional habit is :-

I. Meditation – There will be many situations in life that will disturb us. A person, a thing or a situation will harden you in such situation in which you don’t like to be and at that time what will you do? At that time we need to emotionally balance and for that we need to do is meditation. Today in stressful life meditation is necessary for mental and emotional peace. Especially when you are in excess of emotions. When you are too happy, when you are too sad, when you are too angry at that time you must do meditation. 


II. Explore the nature – We need to see what is the best thing to keep us emotionally balanced and that is go into the nature. It means walk in the open air once a day. Wherever and however you may be but as soon as you go in the open air, you breathe in open air at that time such chemicals will reach to your mind that will emotionally balance you, will calm you. You will feel does it really work? You go for a walk in open air, go near riverside or sit under a tree and you will be able to see that whenever you are doing this you will automatically feel calm.


III. Accept the failure as it is – How does the person gets emotionally disturbed? When failure comes in his life and he feels that nothing is possible in life. At that time to be emotionally balanced, we need to increase our acceptance. The person who lives with acceptance will always get everything good in life. “The more you accept, it disappears, the more you resist, it persists.” It means if you hold on your failure, you feel sad about it, if you, again and again, think about it then you will emotionally breakdown and to not let that happen we should accept the failure as it is.

3. Physical habits

This is very important because if you make yourself mentally and emotionally strong and you are not physically strong then I am recommending you that you must attend any course lead by one of our trainer, Luv Patel. He talks about three things that has brought a great change in my life. If you see 2 years back Bhavin then my average weight was 68-70 kgs. And today it is between 63-64kgs. Not fat but muscles have developed and how it happened because three habits we have to follow in physical habits.


I. Take proper nutrition – 70% part is of nutrition. It depends how much amount of junk food you eat. I will tell only two things, stop eating these two things refined wheat flour and sugar and see the difference in your health in 20 days.

II. Physical exercise – Physical exercise is very important because of which every organ of your body stays active. Blood reaches everywhere in the body and due to which you feel physically strong.

III. Take proper rest – This is very important because consider that you took proper nutrition, you have exercised properly but you didn’t get that much sleep that you require then you will feel headache and tiring. 


4. Spiritual habits

What do you mean by spiritual values? That is first point – 

I. Values – What are my values? On what values do I want to live my life? It is not visible anywhere but people can feel it. Which takes us forward in the direction of spirituality. When we remember Gandhiji for truth and non-violence, we think about Dalai Lama for peace, we remember Mother Teresa for compassion so same way what are the values of our lives? If I share my example then my value is Integrity. It means, “I do what I say, I do at the time I have told and if not done at that time then, inform the person or the group and I take the responsibility of whatever loss that occurred and will think when I can complete it.” So why am I saying this to you because if I live my life with my values then my aura, my atmosphere changes in that direction. So you want to grow spiritually then adapt some values in your life that are very important. 

II. Mission – Values will increase the mission. So mission will define how much you will grow spiritually. So mission can be anything except money. Money doesn’t come anywhere in mission. Your mission can be anything, to be happy, to spend how much time with family, how to work for your self-development, you can take anything and ultimately when you do this you will have spiritual growth. 

I take sessions on mission in “Unleash your hidden potential” workshop. So that you are able to decide the mission of your life. So that you don’t regret on your death bed that the life which I wanted to live, I didn’t lived. And for that it is important that you do unleash your hidden potential workshop. You will get the information about it in the link given below.

III. Vision – It means a dream that is seen with open eyes for 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years from today. What is the vision of your life? I will ask you simple thing if we go out on a trip for 8-10 days and for that we start planning one month before it. But where is the plan of how my next 5, 10 or 15 years will go? 


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