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How to Get Rid of Sorrow in Your Life?

Do you feel that you get upset because of small-small things? 

Do you feel that people tell you that, “The smile which should be on your face is not there.”? 

Do you really think that you are living such routine which makes you upset? 

I Bhavin.J.Shah personal transformation coach have brought such topic for you which is –


How to Get Rid of Sorrow in Your Life?

I am going to share with you such nine tips using which you can be free from sorrow, pain and depression and be happy in life. 

1. Don’t feel bad about being sad


If you are upset then you don’t need to be sad about it. Everyone in this world has been sad somewhere or the other in their life because when something does not happen our way or something unexpected happens we get upset. How many things happen like someone didn’t call us or didn’t picked our phone, someone didn’t come to meet us , if any payment is due, our partner didn’t talk nicely with us, somebody talked rudely with us, didn’t get the marks which we wanted, became unsuccessful in the business. How easily we get upset about small-small or big things. Some get upset about sunny weather then some get upset about rain. If you want to get upset than at least don’t be sad about it. So it’s important that we don’t be upset about being upset that, “Why am I sad? Why it always happen with me only?, It is in my nature only.” It will take you towards more sorrow and make you more upset. So what you have to do? 

2. Accept your emotions

Accept your feelings and emotions that, “Fine I am sad now, it’s absolutely alright.” It is not necessary that everyone stays in mood every time. Even I get upset in life, have struggles, feel down and don’t give up in life. But the important thing is that we accept it. 


3. Can’t pinpoint why you are sad? Try writing



Many times it happens that we are upset and we also want to accept our emotions but we don’t know that why we are upset. When you are not able to pinpoint the reasons of you being upset than start writing that, “I am upset because….” Then write whatever comes in your mind. It might happen that you find some point. What happens most of the times is that only two or three things are there but they keep running in our mind like. And the analysis becomes paralysis. We don’t have to let that happen and have to stay in present. And for that it is important to write it down and after that write below it, “Fine, I accept it.”

4. Set the expiry time


It is very important and I personally apply this very much in my life. Everything has an expiry date, if you take medicine it has an expiry date on its back, if you will purchase any packets or biscuits then it will also have an expiry date behind it then why there is no expiry date of us being upset? Many of us stay sad because they like to be sad. You might be thinking that you only know what you are going through. But I ask if everything has an expiry date than why being upset doesn’t have any expiry date? Let us set an expiry date of upset like, “I will stay upset till tomorrow afternoon 12:00pm.” And till that time be full upset and if anybody asks you then say that right now you are upset but as soon as its 12 you should be fine and get up.

5. Find what does makes you happy and laugh

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Find such things which makes you happy, see movies, hear or tell jokes but do such activities which makes you laugh openly and you can find it by yourself. I have made a jokes group on whats app in which others and I send jokes. Why can’t you do with your people? Because you have to get out of your sorrow and you can only do it.  

6. Reach out to your people especially if you’re feeling lonely



It is very important because many times you want to create joy but you are unable to and that time you have to reach out to your people. Go among such people who talk a lot, who make others laugh, one who pushes you, who helps you to come out of your upset mood. Survey says that the one who are socially active have less chances to get upset. So find the people who are in happy mood.

7. Spend time with nature



This is also very important. Nature always give us oxygen and such air which provides freshness. Go to the beach, jungle, or garden, if nothing then go to the terrace and enjoy the open air. 

8. Seek help if you think you may be dealing with depression


If you think that you are sad, depressed and you are unable to come out of it then take advice of a therapist or psychiatrist. It might be possible that their one advice can also be useful for you to get a new direction in your life. It is nothing wrong if you are taking their support. 


9. Maintain fix routine


Make a routine in which you don’t get the time to be upset. Many of us stay upset because they don’t have anything to do. Make a routine like, “I will wake up at this time or I will read this book.” If nothing then attend our free workshop “The Magic” it happens in hindi in morning and in gujarati in afternoon. Take benefit of that. But do something that makes you happy. Start doing exercise in open air and after that read newspaper with positive news, meet such people who inspire you, if you are in business than daily meet a new customer, afternoon lunch should be at someone else’s place because salesman is the one who doesn’t eat in his office, then rest or meet more people, in evening do your favourite activity whether it is singing, to playing guitar or swimming spend time with family, watch such serials in tv which make you happy, motivate you or inspire you. If nothing then start episodes of “Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.” Do anything but make such routine which makes you happy. 

It is only your responsibility to bring yourself out from sorrow, upset mood, depression. If you don’t work on your own self then no one can help you. You can be your best friend or your worst enemy. 


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