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Best ways to make someone happy

God has given a quality in all of us and that quality is present in everybody. And everyone has a different way to express that but we all want to bring happiness in someone’s life. I Bhavin.J.Shah personal transformation coach am going to talk about 

Best ways to make someone happy

How you can bring smile to someone’s face? Today I am going to share 9 tools and by using any one from that nine tool you can immediately bring happiness to someone’s face. 

1. Smile

It is such a key which immediately brings happiness to anyone’s face. There is a Chinese phrase which says that, “If you don’t have happiness on your face then you should not open your shop.” i.e. you don’t have any right to live if you are not smiling. So keep smiling. I am seriously saying that it is important to smile and laugh because today the root cause of any disease we see is that the person has forgot to laugh. Got into such fast lifestyle, has been engaged in so many rat races that smile has disappeared from his face. 

2. Give a compliment

Whenever a person does something good, give them a compliment. Mark Twain said very well that, “I can live two months on a good compliment.” Here I want to say a very important thing, compliment doesn’t mean that we flatter someone. There is a difference between flattering and praise. Praise means to appreciate the right person for the right thing. Whereas flattering means to appreciate someone without any reason and just for to get our work done and  it is worse, so we need to give good compliment but when the person is entitled for it. When we see our near ones everyone, husband-wife, mom-dad, children, your partner, team members has something good in them for which you can give them a good compliment, give. So just think that to whom you can give a good compliment and make them happy. 

3. Remember your manners

I will tell you one simple thing that if you want to spoil your relationship with anyone then you have to hurt their ego and you can do that by scolding them in front of everyone. And this is not a good manner. Manner is that if you found something wrong about someone or someone is saying wrong, then tell him alone. If you want to give compliment then you should give it in front of everyone but if you want to scold then do it when nobody is there. Many of us get irritated easily, I used to get angry easily and even today sometimes I get angry but seeing my team members cry, I feel very sad, so I need to work on that and I am practising. So we have to see that if we have to bring light on someone’s face then we have to be careful about manners. 

4. Do the dirty work

You might think that dirty work! But yes, you have to take it in positive manner. For example, you sat down to have a lunch with everyone and after having lunch you pick someone else’s dish with you. You might think that, “Why should I do this?” But wherever the ego ends, the person starts doing good deeds in which you might not see the direct benefit but your conscience get satisfaction. If the house helper hasn’t come then you help to do house chores, if you find that the bed is not cleaned then you clean it. Many people think that this is not their work. Dirty work doesn’t mean that you have to sweep the road or pick up someone’s garbage but you can at least work upon to bring purity to your immediate environment, to be supportive to other people.

5. Help someone out

If you know that someone needs your help then just go for it. As I said earlier to bring smile on someone’s face, to give ice-cream, rose or if someone has a hunger for appreciation then sending them a good message or video that is also an appreciation. But help someone out. Let me tell you one thing that my father always say that, “Listening is the best gift.” It is important to listen to someone if it makes them happy. 

6. Write a thank you note

As I mentioned before when someone needs help, we help them but when someone did a good thing for you, someone supported you somewhere, stood with you in your difficult times or someone did any extraordinary thing then write a thank you to them. Why we don’t say thank you? There is no harm in expressing gratitude. If grateful person expresses his gratitude then first smile comes on his face. It is very important that first you be happy and then make others happy. 

7. Spend time with someone

Someone doesn’t mean that spend time with any stranger. It means such people who are close to you. Today everyone is so busy in their life that they don’t even have time for their family. It’s not like that he is not free but most of his time goes in using mobile. At least decide to not use mobile on dining table while having food or when you are with near ones. Recently my father said that in today’s time, to not use mobile when you are with old people is equal to touch their feet because today everyone wants time and we are busy in our phones.

8. Volunteer your time

If you want to bring smile on someone’s face then go at such places, such institutions where they are in need of help. And there you can donate your time. Go to old-age home sit with such people who have no one who can listen to them. Go to orphanage and play with kids. 

9. Donate a gift

It means whenever there is a birthday or any celebration and you want to bring smile on someone’s face then donate them a gift. Gift is something that brings immediate smile on someone’s face. You can distribute food packets to poor people. You can give clothes to kids, job to a young person, can bear the cost of someone’s education etc. Donating a gift is a very nice thing to do.

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