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How Can Homemaker Get Respect In Their Home?

Are you a house-wife? 

Do you think that you don’t get the respect which you deserve? 

Do you think that people don’t value you? 

Don’t take it wrong but do you think that you are living a life of servant? 

I Bhavin.J.Shah personal transformation coach am going to talk about –

How Can Homemaker Get Respect In Their Home?

I take the responsibility to get you respect in your home but for that you have to do this five things. I will tell you about five tools applying which you will definitely achieve the respect in your home. 

1. No means no with respect



Every homemaker fulfills her all responsibilities but still she keeps on working for others. Many people eat her time and give her many responsibilities and thus her life becomes like, that she has to do such work which she didn’t want to do. So after completing your responsibility, with love just say no to the person who is eating your time. Whether it is your husband or in-laws just say no with respect.

2. Be busy with passion



What will you do after saying no? Will you go to sleep or watch serials like crime petrol or anupama on T.V? No, be busy with passion. Search for your passion. Find what do you like to do. If you don’t have any talent then go to old-age home, hospitals, there are so many people who have no one to listen to them. They want someone who can listen to what they say. Listening is the greatest service. You will get peace after listening that, “At least I heard them and tried to understand their life.” I have met many people in life who don’t want any solution to their problem, they just want someone to listen.  


3. Time counts



Make such a schedule that you don’t get time and thus people won’t be able to come and upset you. Read books, watch inspirational movies, develop hobby of music, paint something, do swimming or yoga because time counts. Money lost can be returned but lost time cannot. So have the best utilization of time. 

4. Be helpful



Help such people who genuinely need it. I have recently written a blog on what to do when someone does not value you? You should definitely read that blog. Help such people who is actually in need of it not such people who will demotivate you. I know a homemaker who helps other whenever someone asks her for it. She does her best to help them even though the other person does not respect her. And after all this when the person again asks for help, she again goes for it. Let me tell you what’s in the root of this, it is that you don’t love yourself.

5. Practice Gratitude



Start finding good things about yourself, feel gratitude for yourself. There are so many reasons to love yourself, which can increase your value in your own eyes. I feel sad when there is no one at home, the housewives usually eat the snacks which are left in the home. But why? Especially at that time you should be happy and should throw a party to yourself. For practicing gratitude I invite you in our free workshop- “The magic book reading workshop” it is available in Hindi and Gujarati. 

The crux of this blog is, “You have to value yourself first to get value from others.”


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