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Five Disciplines of Life

If you develop this five disciplines in your young 20’s, you will be successful as well as happy in your  life. I Bhavin.J.Shah Personal Transformation Coach am going to present such Five Principles which will be helpful for you in whichever age you are. 

1. Discipline in Money


How do you behave in young age regarding money? Do you spend money carelessly? Or do you work hard for it? Do you understand where you should invest and where your money is being wasted? If you have developed discipline regarding money at this age that how and where you should spend your money than your life will be very fruitful otherwise your life will be disturbed. Today I see young age children who spend so much money because of mobile game addictions and don’t even realise that. They purchase branded clothes because of peer pressure and also get addicted to drugs, cigarette, tobacco etc. which stays with them for their whole life. So you should see what your discipline is regarding money.


2. Discipline in Behavior


I admire what we all believe that what we have learned from western culture is to live independently, have independent thinking but haven’t we become stubborn? Today I see young age children they don’t have any fix time to sleep or get up, don’t eat with everyone on dining table, speak against parents in loud voice, excess use of mobile, will post anything on social media and what they say that, “I am independent.” This is not freedom, it is being stubborn. It means that we are getting out of control. It is a part of our life to give respect to our elders. I want to ask you, if you are in your teenage or early 20’s then how much respect do you give to your parents?


3. Discipline in Health


Today the majority of young people are seen with Coca-Cola or Pepsi or with soft drinks and junk food. We are eating such food which is harmful for our health. I am not saying that do not eat when you are getting tempt for it, eat but not in excess. I even see such kids who does not like home-cooked food and they don’t eat that at all. It might be possible that the parents who read this blog will also insist their children to read it too. I want to say this to parents that children learn what they see. This blog is for teenage and who are below 20 so only those people read the blog who want to bring change in them. If you are not aware about your health then at the age of 35-40, it is likely that diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and blood pressure might come into your life. 

4. Discipline in Time


One who respects time, time respects them. Today in your young age if you develop the discipline of time in yourself and meet people at the given time or do the work as per the time than no one can stop you to reach at the top of success. If you see the life of all successful people, who have made their name in the world, they have always valued their time. I will give my example, the number of sessions and workshops I have taken till date, I have always been available at the time which I have declared for the session. There is only one intention for it that today if I will respect time then time will respect me, people will respect me. If you say that I live in Indian culture where things start after half an hour of the time told. People will treat you the same way. You set the rules. If I talk about myself then people come to meet me at the time because they know that, “Bhavin will be available at the time which he gave.”


5. Discipline in Thoughts


If you have the discipline in all the above things. You are disciplined regarding money, behavior, health, time but you don’t have discipline of thoughts then you won’t be successful in life. Today knowledge is spreading so much, negativity is spreading from so many places, may it be newspaper, social media or whats app group if in your young age you get out of self – criticism, be it be any big mistake say yourself, “I am human being, it’s absolutely alright, I have to learn from it and become a better human being.” This age is such where temptations, peer pressure, pushes from people will come and we might make some mistake but our thoughts must be positive. Our thoughts should be such which inspire us to become a better human being not lead to self-criticize. Today the reason behind many suicides is self-criticism. 


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