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7 ways to Transform Your Life in 24 hours

7 Ways to Transform Your Life in 24 hours.

Nowadays we all are surrounded by instant lifestyle. We want everything fast for example – Maggie in two minutes, fast deliveries provided by zomato and swiggy, immediate car service after booking Ola or uber cabs. 

So I Bhavin J. Shah (Personal Transformation Coach) has written seven ways to transform your life in 24 hours in this blog From this seven steps if you will begin with any of the step and continue it in sequence then automatically you will able to transform your life in 24 hours.

1. Wake Up Little Early.


Start to wake up little early in the morning. It may be 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour early. Because there is a saying – “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” And therefore I want that we all wake up a little early. If I talk about myself then on an average 5-6 times in a week I wake up early and maximum by 5:15 a.m.


You must be thinking what will you by waking up so early?

Let’s move to second step. A small but most important step.

If your mind is clear then only you will be able to clear everything else. And to clear your mind first you should clean up your surroundings. Because as we wake up there are so many thought running in our mind.

2. Make Your Bed


It is number two. Make up your bed means you have to put everything to its place like your blanket, pillow etc. within first five minutes. As you do this you will send a message to your brain that “I am fine, my mind is clear.” That’s why it is very important that you clean your mind and for that you clean your bed.


Now what you will do? Your mind is clean now. Here comes step number three.

3. Re-Program Your Mind.


It means write gratitude journal about what all good things happened in your life yesterday.

Minimum find ten gratitude points and write it down. Because of this gratitude list we will send a command to our mind that “yes this all good things are happening in my life.” And with that start saying your affirmations while standing in front of mirror. Say positive about yourself. 

Say something that will give immense amount of strength, support, something that will push you. It is very important because fake it till you make it. If you will continuously say that “I am happy”, “I am happy”, “I am happy” then you will be happy.

4. Do Physical Exercise


Do physical exercise or let me tell you do little physical exercise. I will not say that after you read this you take up task of running, swimming or exercising for one, one and half or two hours. Take it 10 minutes or 15 minutes but do it tomorrow itself. And the exercise should be so rigorous that you should sweat. Because with sweat there is also a release of chemicals in our body which gives positivity to the body.

So if you want to transform your life in 24 hours then start this 4 steps from tomorrow itself.

5. Stop Comparing With Others


It is possible that you are exercising for 15 minutes, you are writing ten points in gratitude journal, and you are waking up early at 7:00 a.m, 7:30 a.m. 

There might be someone who is exercising for more than 15 minutes, writing more than ten points in gratitude journal and wakes up before 7 a.m. 

But if you compare yourself with that person than you will not be able to transform your life. If you want to transform your life in 24 hours than stop comparing yourself with others. At least for tomorrow do this thing, don’t compare yourself with others. 

If you do this then automatically you will give a positive suggestion to yourself through positive mindset and for positive self that “I am fine, I am OK and I am the best.”

6. One Task At A Time


Many people say that we do multi-tasking. But no if we are doing exercise then we will do only exercise, when we are writing gratitude we will write gratitude, if you are waking up early then at that time you will do only one thing that is to wake up early. 

One task at a time. For example you are noting down some important task and in between if someone is calling you or came to meet you or there is some disturbance then don’t do any other thing till then you complete your task. Keep on hold all the things that were disturbing your task. And in between if you start doing something else then automatically you will not be able to see yourself in that situation and you will be completely disturbed. 

One survey says that “One notification of mobile delays concentration of a person by 20 minutes.” That means the person goes backward in concentration, in the work which he was doing by 20 minutes. Therefore it is important when you work, you work and when you play, you play. And when you work don’t play and when you play don’t work.

7. Take Regular Breaks


It means take regular small breaks. Assume you are doing some task and it’s been half an hour or an hour of you doing it then take a break for five minutes. Because of it automatically new ideas will come in your mind. When you will get up and go from one place to another then automatically mind will go in another dimension. You might be thinking will this work? If possible then keep alarm but if you take regular interval break of small, small, small time, your life will be different. And for that do all the seven steps tomorrow. If you do all seven points tomorrow then you will get inspiration to do this daily.

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