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7 Things that makes you most Powerful Women

Are you a home-maker? 

Do you think that you do not see anything else other than your husband, children and your house? 

Are you struggling after being a business women? 

Are you a female student and not getting a way in your life? 

What is the solution for all of the above questions? 

I Bhavin J. Shah Personal Transformation coach am going to talk about the topic whose title is

7 Things that makes you most Powerful Women.

And it is not necessary that you have to apply all the seven things to become powerful. If you apply only one then also you can become most powerful women. 

1. Self-care is top priority.

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Start taking care of yourself. I have seen many women who eat leftovers or just snacks in whole day when no one else is at home thinking why to cook but instead they should give party to themselves on that day. Self-care is the top priority. Many women work so much full day that their back and waist starts to pain but even after that they don’t take care of themselves. I will again say that self-care is top priority. Love yourself and keep yourself on number one.

2. Step outside your comfort zone

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Get outside of your home and work, if not outside then work from home, if not this then start working for fitness, do yoga or pranayam. Be an inspiration for your children. Be a social women, go in the society, many people need help listen to them. Do anything but get out of your comfort zone. Stop saying, “Poor me, what will I do in life?” Be an example for yourself and others.

3. Be Independent but ask for help

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It may happen that you don’t have much courage, you have just started to do something, or you need someone’s support then ask for it. People will give, they want to support you but there is no one to ask for it. Today one women from my office asked me to make a video on women empowerment. She said that women need empowerment. If she hadn’t said then I wouldn’t have made it. I appreciate the women who inspired me to make this video. 


4. Take Action, to get it

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You have read so much but if you don’t apply it then it’s of no use. Whatever the idea is take action for it, even in worst scenario what will happen? You will fail but if you don’t take action then you will definitely fail. Two Sachin, one who gets out with zero run on field and another who gives commentary while seating and tells how the player should and should not play at that time whom you will give more marks? Sachin became great in his field when he took actions for it.


5. Follow other Strong Women

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There are so many women who reached on top in their life so search about them. So many examples are there of such women who didn’t give up in the life. Learn from their life’s examples. See life of Sudha murthy, Lata Mangeshkar, or any Bollywood actresses. Aren’t there struggles in their life? Didn’t they had any problems? It was there but they remained strong. Look at yourself and see how much time you are wasting in making others happy.

6. Keep challenging yourself

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Stop walking on the path on which everyone walks instead walk on the one on which only few people walk. Learn to say no. Take out time for what you love to do. Challenge yourself and it is very important. And after doing all of this if you don’t apply seventh point then you will not be able to do anything in life and i.e., 


7. Don’t depend on others for your happiness

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I see many women who will be happy if her husband will talk sweetly with her or if her father will get what she wants for her. What object, person or situation can make you happy? You are the own creator of your destiny. See in the mirror and tell “I love you” to yourself. Laugh loudly and freely. See jokes and comedy movies. Enjoy your life. You got one chance to explore yourself. The women who have become powerful has used all these seven points.

What will you do? Will you make this blog as a lecture or will apply it in your life? 


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