Many of us whom I ask why don’t they get up early in the morning? They say that, “What should I do by waking up early? I even kept alarm 2-3 times and it rang also, I woke up and again slept because I had no work to do in morning.” I Bhavin.J.Shah personal transformation coach today am going to share with you.

5 Things to do Every Morning

Every morning if you do these five things, you will be the most satisfied person. I will share a quote before starting this blog that is, “When it is the morning for unsuccessful people, half of the day has already passed for successful people.” If you want to be successful then these five morning routine tasks should become a part of your life. 

1. Wake up early


I know many successful people who wake up early in the morning, why? Because by waking up one hour early you are adding one more day to your life. You might feel how? For example daily you are waking up one hour early so if we count an hour for a month then it will be 30 hours and if you count 16hrs of a day then you are adding almost two new days. And in one you are adding 12 new days. You take Tim cook, Barack Obama, many actors and actresses as example they all wake up early in the morning. One of my favourite person, Richard Branson daily wakes up early in the morning. You might feel that we will wake up early in the morning but what we will do? I am going to tell you very easy things to do.

2. Drink a glass of warm water


Drinking warm water in the morning is very good for the health. I am not a health specialist or a nutritionist but still if you wake up and drink warm water then it helps very much in your digestive system. 


3. Do physical exercise


Remember one thing no matter what happens, body is the only home where we live from our birth till our death. Otherwise the house in which we live we keep changing it. And therefore it is necessary that we daily take out time for physical exercise. Understand one thing that no matter how much wealth and good relationships you have, if your health is not good then you can’t do anything. You can’t tell the doctor that, “I will give you one crore rupees but let me go I want to travel abroad.” He will say only one thing that, “I can only give medications but you have to take care of your own health.” Therefore it is necessary that first thing in the morning do exercise and take care of your health. Many of us believe that we should daily exercise but many of us don’t do it. Why? Because we take it lightly that when some problem will come we will do it. But life is right now. 

4. Read growth oriented literature


If you want to grow in your field then there is only one rule, start reading books of that field. Bill gates has said a very good thing that, “Whenever I take some new project in my hand, I read minimum five international bestseller books of that field. Because of which the project becomes easy as I already have 50% of knowledge about that field.” If you will read successful people’s book in your field then you will be automatically be on the way to be successful.

5. Pray, Meditate and Be Grateful


Do anything which gives you calmness and happiness to your mind. Because ultimately we are living for ourselves. Gautama Buddha has very well said that, “You become your own teacher and you decide your own speed.”