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What's Your Why ??

What’s Your WHY ??

All of us are born Twice. The first one is our Biological Birth. The Second time we are born when we find the Purpose of our Life. Life takes a different meaning after that.

What does “Purpose of Life” mean ??

This has always been a confusing question that has intrigued humankind since the beginning of life. It is very easy to wander purposelessly throughout life instead of following your Why. It is easy to achieve success without purpose but you will always feel that your life is just passing by.

Some people say that our purpose is to find Happiness. Some say our purpose is to help others, to become the best version of ourselves or to follow God’s way. Some people also say that there is no purpose to life at all. 

But the real Purpose of Life is something that gives one Fulfillment. Anything you do in Life that gives you Fulfillment is The Purpose of your Life.

All of us are unique and so is our Purpose; what you identify as your purpose may be different from others. Your purpose can even alter throughout your life in response to growing, changing priorities and various experiences. But one thing is sure that each one of us has immense potential within us to make a difference and influence everyone around.

When deciding upon the purpose, the questions that should arise in your mind are:

– Who am I?

– Am I living a Fulfilled Life?

– Would I do what I am doing if today is the last day of my Life?

An Australian author, Bronnie Ware in her book The top 5 regrets of my Life shares the most common regrets of people on the death bed. The first regret that she mentions is “ I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

When people are on death bed and their life is almost about to end they recall all the unfulfilled moments of their life. Most people didn’t give themself a chance to accomplish most of their dreams and had to pass away realizing that it was due to their own choices.

It is very important to know and acknowledge your own dreams and live life your own way. If your WHY is clear along the way you will have no regrets at the end moment.

Success in life begins with purpose. When you know the purpose, you’ll get a new perspective for your life. When you find your purpose, you’ll feel good about yourself, what you live for, and your life journey. When you discover your North Star, a feeling of inner peace will replace the need to get validation from others. Not just you, even your friends and family will see a new You.

“The Mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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