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Magnetic Personality

The world will become your fan, how to create a magnetic personality?

You might think I will tell you about what to wear? 

What to look like? 

How to do your hair style? 

How to talk to people? 

I Bhavin J. shah personal transformation coach is not going to talk about any of these topics. I will talk about six values, value means life values. Those people who are able to make magnetic personality are the one who have worked upon their values from inside. Those values made them a person with such magnetic personality because of which people started following them. I will tell you such six values that if comes in your life then your personality will become magnetic personality. People will follow you, will come around you, will get inspire to live a life like you. 

1. Be authentic



Stay loyal with yourself. I always say a person who is deceiving firsts deceives himself. And the person who stays loyal with himself will stay loyal with everyone. You might feel in today’s time it is easy to say all this but to live such life is very difficult. I will give example of Warren Buffett. This person lives with authenticity, no show off. It is said today, that even till date he lives in 50 year old house, not only this the car which he is using is also very old. Whenever he travels by plane, though having his own flight company he travels through economy class. He is authentic with himself. Whenever he makes mistake he keeps it in front of the world. You might be thinking is it true? Yes, when he purchased Hathway Company for $200 billion at that time he publicly said that, “My decision is wrong.” When Warren Buffett can live authentic life then you and I can also live such life. And we can see that today Warren Buffett is a magnetic personality.

2. Be courageous


Second value which is very important that is be courageous. Be courageous in life. And for that I want to give example of Richard Branson who is the owner and founder of virgin group. He wrote a book “Screw it, let’s do it.” I highly recommend it. He had written in the book that, “I have always taken such steps in life that are very courageous.” At the age of four his mother leaves him on road and tells him to look and walk towards home by himself. Today can we do this with our kids? At the age of nine he has done first business and made a loss in it. And after that he started a music company at the age of sixteen. When he thought of going in air balloon, he went so high, so high, so high that it might be possible that he went into ozone layer and if he crossed that he would have gone in space also, he took risk till there also. Not only that, the first two persons to go in space from different companies were Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. About at the age of seventeen he went into the space and came back. You want to make magnetic personality, you want to attract people towards yourself and take courageous steps in life if you take it you will be courageous in life.

3. Be Enthusiastic



Bring such enthusiasm in yourself that you feel only energy, energy, energy around you. Today, I always believe myself and I myself live and people tell me that, “Whenever we meet you Bhavin, you are always energetic.” If you will be seen weak then how will people get attracted towards you? And for that generate energy from inside. If it’s not there then go to the bathroom and jump ten times but don’t lose your energy. I want to give example of the one from whom I have learnt this and who is also my idol is Tonny Robbins. See any video of Tonny Robbins he will be full of enthusiasm. The level of energy he has is unbelievable. And he says that energy is everything. So if you want to make your life world class, make magnetic personality and attract people towards you.

4. Be kind



We should be kind in life, should be compassionate. Those who have gone one level above are the people with compassion. For example you see Mother Teresa and if I talk about recent life see Bill Gates. He has given majority of his property in charity. In such villages of Africa and Asia where there is so much filth, people are unwell and for medications of such people he has given huge amount as charity. When we see people like Bill Gates we get inspiration that we are earning money but to give that money for charity, use it for someone else is such a big thing. I want to tell you all that if you want to make magnetic personality then be kind. 

Now last two point very important, number fifth, I want to talk about my favorite person whom I consider my idol. I have taken this value from his life because whenever I see his life, read about his or listen about him, I get attracted towards him like a magnet. Likewise there is a quote said by the same person – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

5. Be the change


First you be the change that you want to bring in the world. Yes I am talking about Mahatma Gandhi. The British Empire on which the sun never sets at that time Gandhiji committed that I will fight for the freedom of our country with truth and non-violence. People used to say that he has gone mad but his values were so powerful that such people joined him like Sardar Vallab Bhai Patel, why he would need other people to join him who himself was a lawyer. Vinoba Bhave, he even said that, “If I have seen Bengal’s revolution and Himalaya’s peace in one person, it is Gandhi.” What magnetic personality he had and that too because of one reason that is he lived what he spoke. It means first he used bring change in himself and people also wanted to live such life after getting inspired from him, from his magnetic personality.

6. Be a good listener



Today you all have read this whole blog and therefore you are able to reach till this point that how you can make your personality a magnetic personality. I want to give example of such a person whom many of you don’t know and that person is my father, Dr Jitubhai C. Shah. My heart fills with gratitude whenever I talk about him because he is that kind of person whose personality is magnetic personality. People get attracted towards him. People say that he is the person without enemies. Whoever meets him gets so much attracted towards him that he thinks how he can be with him. Because his one quality that admire me the most and therefore whenever I pray that one person should be alive till I am alive, I do it for my father because whenever he listens, listens without being conditional. He never ends anything, or judges anything. He never says that, “You are wrong here Bhavin, or you should not do this.” Whatever mistakes I have ever made, or If did a good job, whenever I asked him for his opinion or I have been frustrated the only thing he did at that time is to listen. Listening is the greatest service. If we want to make our personality magnetic personality then we should take any one step, any one value and start living our life with that. I always say my work is to contribute in other’s life.

1 Life = 1 Mission = Contribution

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