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How to overcome depression?

How to overcome depression?

Do you have very less sleep? Or do you feel extra sleepy? Do like a lot to stay alone? Do you get irritated by small things? Or do you feel that your diet has been increased or decreased a lot.

I Bhavin. J. Shah, personal transformation coach is going to tell you eight steps to overcome depression in this blog.

The above points are somewhere the symptoms of depression. Or can be the cause of depression. One more thing if you are having thoughts of suicide then you are suffering from depression.

What is depression?

How to overcome depression?

Despair, dejection are called depression. Today from small kid to old person anyone can have depression at any time. You tend to come in tension by hearing the word depression. You try to avoid it and don’t want to discuss about it. Let me tell you one thing depression is a fracture on mind. We don’t have any issue when we have fracture on our body. 

We openly tell people that, “I have fracture on my hand, or my leg is fractured.” So why don’t we tell anyone if we have fracture in our mind? Accept that you are upset, depressed or if you don’t like anything. Few symptoms through which you can decide whether you are suffering from depression or not. 

If you like to stay alone or there is an increase or decrease in your diet or if you are having a very less or more sleep, if you are continuously repeating the same things, if you don’t like to be at social gatherings or ultimately if you feel that your life is full of loneliness and you don’t want to live anymore. 

You think that “What should I do to die?” or wish that someone kills you. You can go to this extreme level also if you are depressed. You might be thinking why I am saying all this but as I said earlier I will say it again that it is ok to have depression and there is nothing wrong in it. 

Famous actress like Deepika Padukone also says that “I was once a depression patient and I myself came out from it.” Today many actors, actresses help and support in her NGO. There are so many helpline numbers available whom you can call and ask help for depression. Just remember one thing that depression is not the end, it’s just a part of life. It’s just a way to live life from which we can come out.

So here are the eight steps to overcome depression:-

1. Accept that I am depressed


Accept that I am depressed or a patient of depression. Until you accept it, you won’t be able to work upon it. Acceptance is the key through which we become aware that we have to work in this area.

And the next point, I recommend it to many people and even I also practice it. Whenever you feel down or depressed, do physical exercise.

2. Do physical exercise


There is a simple rule that whenever you do physical exercise for 10 minutes, whether it maybe fast walking or doing workout in gym then automatically the sweat that comes out of workout releases such chemical which reduces negativity. So if you are feeling depressed then do physical exercise for at least 10 minutes daily.

3. Take proper nutrition


Take proper food and increase greenery in your food. There is no such word like depression that exists in nature. It only exists in humans. And therefore if humans starts staying with the nature and start taking natural things then automatically he himself will come out of depression. So don’t eat junk food. It means for some time stop eating bread, refined wheat flour, cheese, and sugar and in return increase greenery in your food. Take more natural food.

4. Need proper rest


You need to take proper rest but it does not mean that you sleep only or you stay awake for long time. You should have normal sleep of 6-8 hours without taking any sleeping pills. What the only thing that you have to do is go to bed at correct time and turn off lights and try to sleep in dark. Many people will say that they are not able to sleep because there are so many thoughts running in their mind, they want to use their mobile while sleeping and they ask what they should do in such situations. And there comes number five.

5. Do meditation


At least in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep. If nothing then only for 10 minutes do anapana meditation. Here the link has been provided. By clicking on it an auto message will be sent and you will receive a message after that in which drive link of anapana meditation will be provided. 

But daily meditation is very important. Many times I also have so many thoughts running in my mind. If I have an important session next morning then I am not able to sleep at night before the session. I do practice this anapana meditation and after that I am able to sleep. 

Therefore it is very important that we sleep on time and for that we regularly meditate because of our mind will stay calm.

6. Get into daily routine


It means if you are a student then to go school, tuition, if you are a businessman then for you it is to go office, if you are a homemaker then daily work that you do. Keep yourself busy in work. Do some or the other work that will continuously keep you busy. 

The negative thoughts that come in your mind, continuously something is running in your mind in place of that you will be able to divert your mind and involve yourself in some work.

7. Meet people


Those who are positive, happy and those who can keep you joyful. In simple words meet up your friends. If you meet your friends then you will forget about your past and future and you will be happy. 

Meet people who make you happy, stay with your friends, enjoy. Talk about such things that will make you laugh, that will make them laugh. Tell jokes, see comedy videos and add fun factor.


8. Be with the nature


I already told you to be with nature but it was related to food now what you have to do is go near sea and sit under open air with music, go to hill station. Do anything in which you can stay close to the nature. You can go for jungle walk also, you can stay somewhere between greenery. In nature you will never have the feeling of depression. You will have the feeling that you can stay happy.


After this eight points I am going to suggest you one more point that is above all. If you are still unable to find the solution after trying all this steps then use that point. Imagine that you have done all the eight things still you feel depressed then one important reason for that is your blood circulation goes down from heart and the blood that should reach the brain does not reach there. 

And for that I am giving one extra suggestion that is most important that consult doctor. You meet psychologist, psychiatrist, do counselling sessions and if necessary then take medicines also. 

If you have fracture then you show it to surgeon and you don’t have any issue in that, if we can’t see properly we show it to ophthalmologist and we don’t have any problem in that too then same way if we have fracture in our mind then why we should not show it to its doctor. It is very easy and you should show it to doctor because of which we can live a healthy and happy life. 

I hope this topic has made some worth in your life. One thing is for sure that depression is not a permanent diseases and we can definitely come out of it.  

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