Jeena isi Ka Naam hai

Live The Life You Love

How do you want people to remember you? What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai is a motivational seminar conducted by our Chief Coach Bhavin J. Shah with the intention of helping people to lead a struggle-free life. Say this to yourself every day – I am living to my fullest, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai.

Our success is directly proportional to our beliefs. The moment you understand this eternal truth about life, you’ll start to experience the beautiful side to everything in your life.

In the seminar, our Chief Coach talks about limiting beliefs that people have and explain transformational principles to turn-around your life for a contentful living.

You’ve been caged within the circle of these limiting beliefs for too long in your life.
Now, it’s time to fight these limiting beliefs by adapting valuable principles in your life.

It’s much easier to let go of your limiting beliefs.

Most of us are not taught in our childhood, that’s why by attending ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’ you will learn how to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a desired life.


Who Must Attend?

All above 15 years of age should attend.

Why Should I Attend?​

  • Find the real meaning of ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’.
  • Learn powerful ways to turn failure into success.
  • Apply the steps to live the life you love.

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