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Five tips for what to do when someone doesn’t value you

Do you think that you are not valued as much as you should be? Do you think that you don’t get as much respect as you deserve? Do you think that people don’t behave with you as they should? I Bhavin.J.Shah personal transformation coach am going to talk about-

Five tips for what to do when someone doesn’t value you


I invite you to read this blog and relate it with your life. If possible, note down the key points because it is necessary that we grow in our life even if people don’t value us.

1. Accept That Fact


Whenever someone does not value you, accept that, “Ok fine he does not value me.” In reality, the problem is not that the person is not valuing us, the problem is that we are irritated about him. We feel that, “Why he did that? Why he didn’t value me?” It is important to accept the fact that, “He does not value me and it’s absolutely okay.”

2. Don’t Justify Their Behaviors

What we usually do is think that, “Why did he do that? He shouldn’t have done this. He is not a good person.” But we will not justify his behavior because each and every person is fighting their own battle. For example two person cross each other while walking on the road and one person does not call the other to say Hi! Then immediately the person thinks that the other one does not bother about him. But in reality who knows what the person is going through in own life. They are many examples where we usually make an assumption for other’s behavior. But when the reality comes out we get to know that what we were assuming about the person was completely wrong. The intention of the person was not that. In 99% cases our assumptions are wrong.

3. Don’t Be Over Compassionate

Many times when the other person is not valuing us, we run behind him, surrender ourselves to them and think that, “He should listen to me, should give me more value, I should do what he/she likes, try to make them happy.” We don’t need to be over compassionate. It is important that we ourselves increase our value. And for that, don’t be over compassionate for that person. Don’t try to give them more value. If we have accepted the fact and don’t justify them for their behavior then it won’t be necessary for us to be over compassionate. 

4. Don’t stick around

Stop staying around them. I will recommend you all a movie that I like very much that is, “Kal ho naa ho”. In this movie Shahrukh Khan give tips to Saif Ali Khan, how to make the girl fall in love with you. I will not say that we have to make them realize our value but to increase your value, do not stay between such people who doesn’t value you. One person has said, “Even if you are being served in silver plate in the house where you are not being respected than you should never step in that house.” We should make this our thumb rule that we do not stay around where we are not being respected. 

5. Be With People Who Respect You

There are many people who want you to stay near them, who want to give you respect, who value you. So it is important that you stay between such people not to boost your ego but because you don’t want to let your value go down. Today people live based on other’s certificate given to them and I don’t want it to happen that way.    


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