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Books you should read

One great man said that “you should not get your daughter married in such a house where they don’t even have five good books.” Many of us want to read good books but do not know which book will give what value. I Bhavin.J.Shah Personal Transformation Coach, will tell you today about 22 books from my life’s experience. And every book is a life transforming book. Read my full blog and if possible purchase the books because one line of one book can change your life. Before I go ahead, I want to tell you that including my house and office I have more than 5000 books, not because I like to read but because when I was small, my father had a rule that whenever he used to go out of town, he never brought toys, clothes or chocolates. The only thing he use to get for me and my siblings was books. This is the reason behind my position today. He developed the habit of reading in us.  

Let us start with some books – 


1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull



This is book is based on a story of a bird named seagull. He wants to live a different life then what other birds lived. This book has been so successful that a movie is also made on it. This is one of the best book to know what a person can achieve when he takes oath of it, and how to get out of your comfort zone and live in courage zone or uncertainty zone. It is translated into many languages and I highly recommend this book. 

2. Stop Worrying And Start Living


It is the most famous book and many of us know about it. It is written by Dale Carnegie. Many of us want to live a best life, a happy life but we don’t live that because some or the other worry bothers us. What will be my future? How will I live? How my business will develop? How will my health be? Will my close ones leave me? Such practical solutions are given in this book. It is one of the international best sellers. And it has brought change in many people’s life.

3. One Small Step Can Change Your Life



This is a book that will inspire you take small steps. If you want to work in any area of your life like health, relationship, career, then this book of Robert Maurer will help you.  In this book, they talk about “Kaizen way”, what is kaizen way? For many of us this word will be new and will get to know about it. This book is also available in Hindi and if possible purchase this book. It is one of books which I give in Unleash Your Hidden Potential workshop. So I highly recommend you to read this book, your life will be transformed. 

4. The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People


It is one of my favorite books. This book is the root and king of motivational world. Without reading it no one can ever be a motivational speaker. One of my favorite author, speaker and a human being, Stephan R. Covey has written this book. He has seen that after the year 1950 the word motivation has come in existence and after that people started giving motivational speeches. He thought that from 1800 – 1950 whoever became great, how did it happen? He studied the lives of such people like Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein and many more and from that he took out common seven habits that made them great person. More than five crore copies of this book are sold. It is translated in almost all languages of world. I highly recommend this and it is no less than a Bhagwad Gita. 

5. Unposted Letter



This book is written by an Indian Author, T.T Rangarajan also known as Mahatria. In this book he has given small-small articles which somewhere or the other represent our lives. I will give you a small example, one man was giving a party and in that party many invitees were there, everybody came and were dancing and one person asked the host that, “Why are you giving a party?” He replied, “Today I gifted Mercedes to my wife and she crashed it, that’s why I am giving the party.” They stopped dancing and said, “What are you saying? She crashed a Mercedes and you are giving a party!” He said, “Yes, another Mercedes can come but my wife can’t, she is alive and nothing happened to her.” Like this many other examples are there in the book. One of the best books for reading. If you will read even one chapter daily then also you will be very happy. 

6. Eat That Frog



If your nature is of procrastinator and you delay your work then in this book 21 principles are given using which you will stop delaying your work. The author says, first eat the ugliest frog. And he has given assignments as well in this after every lecture, every session and every topic. 


What is the short form of BIG OCEAN OF KNOWELEDGE?


7. The Four Agreements



This book is such a book that shook me from inside. Life’s four such agreements which can make your life the best. Particularly the second and third agreements, don’t take it personally and don’t make assumptions respectively. Sometimes in life we make such assumptions which harm us a lot in life. I highly recommend this book to come out of assumptions and live a life that is best out of best.  

8. As a Man Thinketh



This book is written by James Allen. It’s about whatever a person thinks, happens in his life. Thought is everything and thought creates everything. If possible then read this book also, it is published in many languages. And I recommend you this because one thought can change your life. 


9. 365 Recipes That Will Make You Think Positive



It has 365 recipes to teach you how to think positive. You can empower yourself by daily reading one page of this book. I have already read 300 pages which means that I am reading this book from last three hundred days. I don’t know how you can get this book and it is only available in English but the author has shared his life experiences and some tools that we can apply in our day to day life in a very easy way. 

10. You Can Heal Your Life


More than 5 crore copies are sold of this book. Whatever disease occurs in the body of a person, there is some psychosomatic reason behind it. That it comes from mind to body, it has been mentioned very well in this book. Inside this book you can see that they have mentioned what disease you have and what was your mind-set behind it and what you should think to cure that disease. So your disease, you’re thought behind it, and what you should think to cure it, this three things are mentioned for all the disease in this book. What affirmation you will give to yourself to cure the disease is also given in the book. Louise Hay, the author of this book has cured her cancer just by positive self-talk. I highly recommend if you have any disease then do read this book. There is one sentence in this book which is my favourite that, “All is well in my world.” Start saying this. 


11. Choose The Life You Want



Choose how you want to live your life. 101 ways are showed in this book. It has small-small chapters, I highly recommend this book. It has been written by Tal Ben Sharar and if possible then purchase it.

You might feel that one by one I am mentioning the names of book but understand one thing that to have good books in home it can change its atmosphere. You don’t know which problem you will be facing and which line of which book will help you at that time. 


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