A Workshop to Cause Happiness and Oneness in Married Life.

Sometimes I feel like I can't agree with my wife / husband on everything from intimacy to finances, the kids or even what to eat for dinner.

Forever Together workshop will leave you feeling like a newly-wed ready to celebrate every moment like the childhood craziness and couple sensitivities.

The workshop is divided into 9 sessions. These sessions are designed in a way to understand the advantages and drawbacks of the relationship, resulting in a whole new you.

Couples who participated in our sessions have built a new equation for them.

Marriages go through stages of advancement and have the potential for continuous growth. This growth requires trust, commitment, skills, care, reciprocity, and effort.


  • Let your wife/husband know their goal is yours.
  • Make the marriage full of enthusiasm, love and joy.
  • Learn tools to understand differences of opinions.
  • Build a successful marriage based on respect.

Why forever together with coach for life?

Understand the science behind happy and healthy marriage

Focus on learning what's good for your marriage, children and your family.

Apply tools to consider the opinions of each other, instead of continuously trying to be right.

Invest in communication to get the best out of each other.


  • Become emotionally intelligent and give her listening

  • Know how to talk things properly

  • Have a love for small things

  • Find the solutions you can both agree on


  • Develop the ability to reflect your own emotions
  • At the same time communicate with yourself and your husband
  • Believe that life in marriage is enjoyable
  • Feel proud of your husband
  • Become positive, confident and respectful in front of your kids


  • Happy Parents, Happy Kids
  • Balance couple time and family time
  • Become one team and share family responsibilities together
  • Get through rough times together
  • Appreciate each other, your relationship, your family, and your lives together

Forever Together with Coach For Life


Sharing by Participants

Watch inspirational sharing by our clients on how Forever Together Workshop has transformed their relationship with each other, with children and with their families.

Forever Together with Coach For Life