design your own destiny (DYOD)

A character-building workshop for 13-17 year olds.

Design Your Own Destiny

Teenage Years are very crucial years for any child for character building thus shaping their future and developing the values and ethics which would be helpful to them for the forthcoming years.

Design Your Own Destiny is among the initial workshops started by Coach For Life and acclaimed by many teenagers. It has received the title of “The Best Gift” that any parent can give to their child by many of its participants. 


  • Develop a good character
  • Be mentally equipped for making wise and moral decisions.
  • Develop the skill to overcome any obstacles
  • Creating good values since Your Values determine Your Value.

Why Design Your Own Destiny (DYOD)?

Boost your self confidence and Self Love

Learn to set priorities and master the time management skills

Understand the roots of happiness and live a joyful life

Create a stronger connection and bond with your family members

Create strong moral values and live a healthy life

Develop the abilities to become a good decision maker and become capable of handling peer pressure

Learn the skills of effective result producers and path your ways to success in your career.

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Sharing by Participants

Watch inspirational sharing by  teenagers on how Design Your Own Destiny Workshop transformed their personal life and changed their way to living.

Design Your Own Destiny with Coach For Life