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About The Coach For Life Book Lovers Club

Reading books has always been one of the most successful ways of changing one’s life. We read not just to relax, or gain information about things but to gain wisdom about how the world works and how we should live our lives. Coach for life introduces y'all to the Book reading club for book lovers from all around the world- "CBL". We strive to give you the best value out of the most useful books in this world and make it as easy to understand as possible in your language. We select the most applicable and affordable books available in Hindi, Gujarati and English which caters to all ages and areas of life like Relationships, Business, Health, etc. However it is much more than a simple book reading club. We take it a step further to introduce interactive sessions, sharing sessions, interesting videos and new and revamped examples to give you the best value you can get from the book.

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