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What you'll get inside this course ?

9 super sessions (total 43.07 minutes) that will change your perspective towards Self Management against time.

9 highly efficient exercises in PDF that will prove to be a game-changer when completed with utmost dedication.

Find out the value of time in terms of money.

Learn the method of setting priorities in order to lead a productive life.

Learn an effective way to keep track of your time so as to acknowledge your productivity throughout the day.

Gain the skill to say NO to people or things that drains your energy and contributes in wasting your time.

Discover the art of succession of tasks through a fun Rock-filling activity.

Uncover the hidden fact behind the term "Time-Management".

Handwritten PDF notes for instant use.



Bhavin J. Shah Personal Transformation Coach

Meet the Coach:

Bhavin J. Shah (Personal Transformation Coach)

He is a leading Personal Transformation Coach from India dedicated to an ambitious mission: Making a Difference. He addresses over 500 men & women every month through FREE public programs on the subjects of Life, Habits, Leadership, Happiness, Relationships, Personal & Professional Growth.

Till date, he has led hundreds of workshops and seminars to over 1, 50,000 people around the world.

We do everything possible to ensure participants get a fully satisfying and rewarding Workshop experience. Hence we offer a money-back guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Attend all the sessions with open to a learning mindset.
2. Do all the exercise as given by the Coach.
3. If any participant requests a refund, that person will get a refund only if he/she will submit all the pdf of exercise done. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone who is above 12 years age and willing to work on their self.

This is a pre-recorded course.

  • “Be Productive Not Busy Standard Plan is of ₹579 having a total of 10 videos out of which, 1st 9 videos have PDF with each videos, so that you can fill and work on yourself including completion video with 6 months access.”


  • Be Productive Not Busy Premium Plan is of ₹879 having total of 10 videos including completion video with lifetime
    access. You will also get a certificate and a telegram group to join where you can ask your queries.

Only Premium Plan will provide lifetime access.

Yes you will be provided certificate after course completion but only in Premium plan of Be Productive Not Busy.

For self managment against time.

It is Knowledge + Action base pre-recorded course.

Yes, with 1st 9 videos you will get a PDF to work on self.

10 videos with total duration 43.07 minutes.

You will receive an email with an ID and password for accessing Coach For Life application or the website from there you can get the access.