An Incredible Session on Bonding with Parents

Ask this every day, What will be my life without my parents?

If I ask every random person about their personal meaning of success, I may get thousands or lakhs of different parameters and when we truly understand each person’s perspective of success, we can divide them into three categories:
1. Possess a healthy mind and body.
2. Maintain love & harmony in personal relationships.
3. Generate & accumulate wealth.

Now, take a moment to observe the above-given categories. Do you see any common link?
Our Chief Coach Bhavin J. Shah found out something that was very common but widely unknown, the role of a strong foundation in each success category. 

To explain the role of a strong foundation, I would like to add a real-world example – you must’ve heard of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. You may even know that it is 830 m long accommodating 163 floors, but what we don’t know is that to make this amazing piece of art, builders have built 20 floors underneath the ground to provide the needed strength to the tallest tower in the world.

Parents play an important role in the success of our life, why we never appreciate their role? In Fact, we undermine them and hurt their feelings many a time. Have you ever tried to find out the reason for it?

Bhavin J. Shah believes that the mindsets formed during our early and later childhood are the keys to all the negative thoughts in our minds. Now, it is upon us to understand the importance of the foundation of our lives.

It’s time to ‘THANK OUR PARENTS’.

Who Must Attend?

All above 15 years of age should attend.

If Organised only for Students, they must attend with Parents.

Why Should I Attend?

  • Develop physical and mental well-being, good relations with your source (parents).
  • Achieve happiness and peace in family.
  •  A sense of respect for yourself.

Have a glimpse of 'Aaiye, Dhanyawad Kare Mata-Pita Ka'


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