2.5 Hours Live Session by Purvi Dalal

Happy Couple, Happy Life

Discover the Secrets to a Fulfilling Relationship


13th June 2024


8:05 PM - 10:35 PM IST


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Are you finding answers to any of these 7 questions?

In spite of being of the same age group, why we do not have similar mindset /opinions?

Why is he not listening to me?  / Why is she keeps on giving instructions at all times?

Why does she talk so much? Why is he always so silent?

Why is he sparing so much time with electronic gadget than talking to me?

How can he be so practical and clear? / How can she be so emotional and confuse?

Why can’t my partner understand me?

Why are we not happy?

If you are having any of these questions, you are one of the millions. Don’t worry, you will find your answers here. Just need to spend 2.5 hours and join our session. It is completely free.

Don’t let these questions hold you back any longer. Register now. Take charge of your relationship, celebrate its divine as well as unique power and find a key to happiness.


13th June 2024, Thursday | 8:05 PM - 10:35 PM IST

Purvi Dalal - Relationship Coach

Meet the Coach:

Purvi Dalal

Purvi Dalal aka ‘Pollyanna’ is the Relationship coach with the mission to spread love all over the world. She is into this mission since last 15 years and serving as a love spreader since last 10 years. She believes that a healthy relationship is the key to a joyful life.

After post-graduation from ‘Mass communication’, Purvi served as a newspaper reporter in ‘Divya Bhaskar’ and handled the Supplements for almost 7 years. Following the passion, she shifted her interest into the ‘Mehandi Art work’ and worked as a team member for world’s renowned ‘Mehandi Artist’ for almost 5 years. She got the opportunities to be part of well-known celebrities’ event and proved herself worth for it. Still she felt that something is missing and decided to follow her mission. She joined NGO named ‘Oasis’ Institute and became the regional synergist at Surat. ‘Oasis’ provides character based education and helps people to find their purpose of life. Out of many initiatives, Purvi handled the ‘Exam ki Aisi ki Taisi’ movement all over the India. Since 2021 she has been serving as Magic Leader at ‘Coach for Life’.
Till now, Purvi has touched the lives of more than 1,00,000 people through her various initiatives mainly ‘Magic’ sessions – Gujarati.

What will you learn in this workshop?

Science and psychology behind the behavior of male and female.

Study of a research, why it is important to give a priority to this relationship?

If this relationship is healthy and flourishing, what benefits will be received in different fields of life?

On the other hand, what are the impacts if this relationship is not good?


13th June 2024, Thursday | 8:05 PM - 10:35 PM IST