4 Days Live Workshop by Bhavin J. Shah


The Fastest Way To Change Your Life.

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Day 1

If we keep doing what we are doing then we will get the same results. To bring a change in result you have to bring a change in what you do.
Bhavin J. Shah will explain to you the importance of change and also, In which areas of life we ignore the change.

Day 2

The path to Success can only be achieved by taking actions through GET SET GO!. The second session is based on converting your thoughts into Action by applying THE FASTEST WAY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Day 3

No Fear should stop you from doing what you want to do. Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection Or any Fear is just in your Mind. On the Third Day of Get Set Go Workshop Mr. Bhavin J. Shah will give you a unique formula to overcome all your fears and start working against it. Also will learn to be Productive by applying GET SET GO!.

Day 4

By the Last session of this workshop, you will be all set to work towards happiness and fulfilment.

All of us face some moments in which we hesitate, get confused or cannot make a certain decision. Following are some of the common areas in which many of us struggle:

  • Not finding time for yourself
  • Resisting yourself from talking to people
  • Not able to wake up early
  • Cannot pursue your hobby
  • Not able to make quick decisions
  • Always getting confused on what to do next
  • Cannot say ‘NO’
  • Not able to share your opinion

If you are also one of those, you are NOT ALONE. 90% of us face one or the other of such issues. 

But If you are ready to come out of your fears and comfort zone and truly willing to live the life you Desire then you are invited to  a  4 days workshop - GET SET GO! by Bhavin J. Shah (Life & Bussiness Coach).

In this 4 days workshop, Bhavin J. Shah will reveal some unbelievable secret ways that can get you going in any kind of situation. You will learn how swiftly you will be able to overcome everything that is holding you back and create a life that you have only imagined till now.

Why should You Need to attend this Workshop?

To come out of your comfort zone

To push yourself towards the best

Become more productive at work

Learn to say no without being rude

To eliminate procrastination

To bring an end to self doubts

Become more efficient in anything you do

To self-monitor & control your emotions

To make rational decisions

To manage, engage, motivate and encourage people around you

Who Should Enroll ?

If you are ready to come out of your fears and comfort zone and truly willing to live the life you Love then this workshop is for you.

Business Owners

Working Professionals



Bhavin J. Shah Personal Transformation Coach

Meet the Coach:

Bhavin J. Shah (Life & Business Coach )

He is a leading Personal Transformation Coach from India dedicated to an ambitious mission: 1 Life, 1 Mission Contribution. He addresses over 7000+ men & women every month through FREE & Paid public programs on the subjects regarding Life, Happiness, Leadership, Relationships, Habits Personal & Professional Growth.

Till date, he has led hundreds of workshops and seminars to over 2, 00,000+ people around the world.

What People Say ?

Get Set God by Bhavin J shah

What People Say

Get Set God by Bhavin J shah
Get Set God by Bhavin J shah

We do everything possible to ensure participants have fully satisfying and rewarding Workshop experience. Hence we offer a money-back guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Be coachable & surrender yourself with open to learn mindset.
  2. Do at least 90% of the assignments as given by the Coach.
  3. You can request for a refund if you had attended all the sessions live online/offline.
  4. You can request for refund on the last day of the workshop but on the next day or later, no refund will be given.

At the end of this workshop, your mind will reset and you will be set in action mode immediately.

3..2..1.. GET SET GO!


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Anyone above age 12 and wants to change in the fastest way for being in action mode.

Get Set Go is continuous 4 days workshop.

12th, 13th, 14th, & 15th March 2024 (Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) 

Time: 8:25 AM to 9:25 AM (IST)


The timing of Get Set Go workshop is 8:25am to 9:25am (IST).


The assignments of the workshop will be sent in the Get Set Go WhatsApp group.

For Being in action, taking action, and working on your habits.