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Ask this question to yourself every morning - How am I going to spend my day today if it were the last day of my life?

Everyone has a dream – 
A dream to buy a house
A dream to buy a car
A dream to have a stable career
A dream to get married
But what happens after you achieve your dream? Do you become content or happy with life?

Stop relating your happiness to dreams that keep getting bigger till the day you die.
Way to Happiness is a seminar conducted by our Chief Coach Mr Bhavin J. Shah wherein he explains the myths and realities of being happy in this very special life that we all have, sadly not forever.
According to him, there are certain myths with regards to happiness that all of us have in our minds. In the seminar, he decodes each of the following myths about happiness.

Happiness is not a miracle it’s a decision that has to be taken by you. You have to decide to be happy by bringing a change in your attitude towards life. Our chief coach will also suggest five lifestyle changes that will make you happy now and forever.

We promise you that if you can adapt to these changes in your life, you will be the happiest person in this world. But still, if you’re not able to befriend happiness, we are always here for you.

Live for moments you can't put in words. And those moments are NOW!“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Who Must Attend?

Open for all.

Note-  Only above 15 years of age are allowed


  • What you’re getting wrong about your pursuit of happiness?
  • What should we change in our attitude to always be happy in every circumstance of life?
  • Simple but effective tasks useful in making us happy.

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