The Truth about Processed Food

The Truth about Processed Food

Would you rather eat a cucumber or chips if given the choice?

Most of us would choose chips. Although we may enjoy cucumber, we would still crave chips.

Our healthcare system is slowly becoming rife with diabetes and obesity, and it is high time that we realize how they are degrading our quality of life and causing huddles in our journey into living a balanced lifestyle.

Since 50 years ago, our diet has changed drastically, and it is getting worse every day.

During the early morning hours, if the mother wakes up late and cannot cook anything, the very first thing she thinks is giving the child ready-made, packaged food. Every member of the family consumes large quantities of processed foods, no matter their age.

CFL offers a solution to all these serious problems that are buzzing about invisibly. Prepare yourself for a journey where you may wish to voluntarily eat a cucumber and toss away the chips you most likely chose to eat.

An unknown truth. Enough of health problems bothering us all the time; we should all run at least until we're 75!

Date: 07th August 2023 (Monday) 08:15 PM to 10:35 PM (IST)

Luv Patel - international certified nutritionist

Meet the Coach:

Luv Patel

ISSA & K11 Certified Nutritionist & Medversity Diabetes Nutritionist.

He has stood for individuals and families to make them independent in areas of Health & Fitness.