CFL - Magic For Teens (Book Reading in English with Hindi Explanation)

(For 13 to 19 years age group)

Gratitude is not just saying thank you, it is much more!! It is something that can change our world view and make us appreciate every small thing in life like food, water, health, and relationships that we had never acknowledged before. Gratitude enables us to see the positive side of life and deal with any kind of situation that we might face.

Coach For Life (CFL) has taken the initiative of introducing the first ever “The Magic Book Reading workshop for TEENAGERS!” A 30 day journey that will make you realise how much you already have that you don’t even acknowledge and how much you can get by simply being grateful. It has transformed thousands of lives till date and continues to do so.

So join us in our exploration of the book "The Magic'' written by Rhonda Bryne together with amazing videos, interactive reading sessions, fun quizzes and sharing sessions and transform your lives at this young and fruitful age. So come unlock life-changing secrets and knowledge by learning all about Gratitude and how to apply it in our lives! Make the rest of your life a happy and more fulfilling journey

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