2.5 hours Free live Session by bhavin j. Shah

Kya Jeevan ek Sungharsh hai by Bhavin J. shah Coach For Life

If you believe that life is meant to be a struggle ask yourself how this belief helps you. Does it make you happier? I doubt it. If you create unnecessary struggle and stress for yourself you are in the majority. As adults, many of us are passing stressful struggle onto our kids.

To know the importance of struggle to achieve success in life, must attend this session.

Kya Jivan Ek Sangharsh Hai? is a motivational seminar conducted by our Chief Coach Bhavin J. Shah wherein he explains the importance of struggling to achieve success in life.


Kya Jeevan ek Sangharsh hai by Bhavin J. Shah - Coach For Life

25th May 2024, Saturday | 8:25 PM to 10:25 PM IST

Bhavin J. Shah Personal Transformation Coach

Meet the Coach:

Bhavin J. Shah (Life & Business Coach)

He is a leading Personal Transformation Coach from India dedicated to an ambitious mission: Making a Difference. He addresses over 500 men & women every month through FREE public programs on the subjects of Life, Habits, Leadership, Happiness, Relationships, Personal & Professional Growth.

Till date, he has led hundreds of workshops and seminars to over 3,80,000+ people around the world.