Worried about your family's future if something goes wrong with you?

Join our Transformative session, "हमसफ़र,"
A designed to enrich and strengthen your marital relationship.

~ So You Will Never Have To Worry Again!

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Are You Worried About Questions Like?

Well, if you get such questions frequently in your mind… You’re at the right place!

Because this workshop will help you learn how you can secure your & your family’s future in any crisis!!!

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Listen carefully if you’re the Breadowner in your family…!

No one can tell how long they will live
No one can tell what can happen in the very next moment
No one…

You and I would never want any misfortune to happen in our life… but that’s not what we can control.

And these unpredictable lives make us worry about the circumstances our family has to face… who are dependent on us!

🚀 But not anymore… 🚀

Because I am going to solve all your financial worries in my upcoming workshop & show you exact steps that can make you & your family’s future secure that will enhance your joy of living.

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside The Workshop

Meet Your Host

Purvi Dalal

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General Price ₹497

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop will be for 2 hours and will be held on the Zoom App.
Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the workshop.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to secure the future of themselves & their family in any adversity, build security & financial freedom, and make the best investment that will please them for the rest of their life.

This workshop will show how your loved ones who are dependent on you for monetary needs would never have to suffer if anything wrong happens to you (such as death or serious medication).

Make sure you come 10 mins before the scheduled time and have a simple notebook and pen to write the important points you find during the workshop.

It is advisable to attend the workshop on PC and with good internet connectivity for a better learning experience

No recordings are provided to ensure every registrant attends the workshop live and gets the best out of the workshop.