Happy Millennials workshop by Navin bachhawat Coach For Life
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Happy Millennials (10 Days Journey)

Every person has different desires to be happy. Happy Millennials Workshop is Designed for Youth where we will be Practicing Gratitude in different areas of the life in 10 days journey.

Gratitude is not just saying thank you, it is much more!! It is something that can change our world view and make us appreciate every small thing in life like food, water, health, and relationships that we had never acknowledged before. Gratitude enables us to see the positive side of life and deal with any kind of situation that we might face.

The right attitude towards life is gratitude that will give inner happiness, contented life, better relationships, and acceptance, which will increase love for yourself.
Come and join us in this journey by focusing on these magical aspects in the most interactive and practical way

We primarily work on relationships, increasing positivity in life, how to apply the law of attraction, creating your own day living a contented life and increasing confidence through increased self-love.

It is entirely practical learning. Our learning method is directly related to the millennial generation, and our methodology is as fast as they are.

Why should You attend this Workshop ?