Get Your Best Physique (GYBP)

Shape Yourself Up with Two Classic Sessions.

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24th Sep. (Friday) & 26th Sep. (Sunday) 2021

08:15 PM to 10:45 PM (IST)

Rs. 4999 Rs. 475 Per Participant

(Limited time offer)

Get Your Best Physique

Of course you want to get the best physique & that's why you are here, reading this.

Achieving a good physique may sound tough and time taking but that is not true.

It would be an effortless journey once you know the truths and facts about the diet.

The Get Your Best Physique (GYBP) is a comprehensive 2 sessions workshop designed to help you get the best physique in a proper way. 

At the core of the workshop are 5 gears- each with a cutting-edge research, put into practice by many of our clients to achieve the physique they desired.

In the "Get Your Best Physique (GYBP) " workshop you will learn and understand the following:

24th Sep. 2021 (Friday)

How to look young forever?

How do carbohydrates affect the weight gain & fat loss process? 

Why fat food doesn't make you fat?

How much protein is required for fat loss or weight gain?

Day-2 26th Sep. 2021 (Sunday)

5 Gears for building the best physique. 

How to lose 2 to 4 KGs in a week?

How to make a diet plan?

Cheat meal theory.

Rs. 4999 Rs. 475 Per Participant

(Limited time offer)

Luv Patel

Meet the Coach:

ISSA & K11 Certified Nutritionist & Medversity Diabetes Nutritionist.

He has stood for individuals and families to make them independent in areas of Health & Fitness.

Has impacted 3500+ people till date. 


Rs. 4999 Rs. 475 Per Participant

(Limited time offer)

We do everything possible to ensure participants a fully satisfying and rewarding Workshop experience. Hence we offer a money-back guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Attend all the sessions with  open to learn mindset.
2. Do at least 90% of the assignments as given by the Coach.

Rs. 4999 Rs. 475 Per Participant

(Limited time offer)