Coach For Life Fitness Science (CFS)

A workshop for permanent solutions for Health, Fitness, Obesity & Ageing.

CFL Fitness Science

Coach For Life Fitness Science (CFS) is a workshop to provide you the knowledge about your health & body, and to evaluate the effects of many food options that exist or are being created constantly.

The workshop is divided into 6 sessions and anyone above 13 years can join the workshop. 


  • Identify real science of health & Fitness.
  • Become fully knowledgeable about nutrition & exercise.
  • To find key to remain young and delay ageing process.
  • To prevent and cure lifestyle diseases.

Why Coach For Life Fitness Science (CFS) ?

Gain knowledge of what, why & how nutrition works.

Get latest science-backed facts about health, fitness & food.

3D model techniques are used

To understand your current health status & fitness level

Understand how you can delay ageing progress

Next Online Batch Starts from - 28th April 2021

Sharing by Participants

Watch inspirational sharing by our clients on how CFL Fitness Science Workshop transformed their personal life and changed their way to living.

Coach For Life Fitness Science