Being Rabbit is Overrated

(4 – Days Workshop for Teenager) (Age Group 13 to 19)

Be the turtle by navin Bachhawat

27th, 28th,  29th & 30th October 2021 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

 Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (IST)

Rs. 499 Per Participant

Limited Time Offer

4 Live Sessions by Navin Bachawat (All at 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM IST)

Day 1

Every teen has a lot of dreams and wishes to achieve all of them but due to Fear of Failure, Rejection, etc does not even dare to start what he/she wishes to do. In this session, Navin Bachhawat makes you aware of FEAR and how different parts of the brain react in fearful situations.

Day 2

Once you get aware of the fears then the next step is to get into action towards achieving Goals. So in this Session, Navin Bachhawat explains the Art of Asking Small Questions, Having small thoughts, Small Actions and Solving small problems, and eventually start taking those small steps.

Day 3

Once the Journey Starts at times it gets boring to take routine and monotonous actions Daily. So in this Session, Navin Bachhawat explains how we can enjoy the journey by giving small rewards and celebrating small Moments.

Day 4

A Joint Session with Parents, So parents can also know what is covered in 3 sessions and what care and support they need to provide their child to actually execute all the learnings of the workshop in Real Life.

All of us understand the Importance of Regular Studies, Exercise, etc but face moments in which we slip when we are not able to take Action and afterwords feel Frustrated and Guilty for ourselves. Following are some of the common areas in which you decide with determination to start but when it comes to starting taking action you are stuck and not able to take Action

  • Studies

  • Exercise

  • Diet

  • Speaking to Parents/Friends

  • Regular Savings

  • Asking Query in Class

If you are also one of those, you are NOT ALONE. 90% of us face one or the other of such issues. 

But If you are ready to come out of your fears and comfort zone and truly willing to live the life you desire then you are invited to a 4 days workshop - BE THE TURTLE by Navin Bachhawat (Personal Transformation Coach for TEENS).

In this 4 days workshop, Navin BAchhawat will reveal some Simple yet Powerful secret ways that can get you going in any kind of situation and achieve sustainable and long-term success. You will learn how swiftly you will be able to be in Action by rejecting everything that is holding you back and create a life that you have only imagined till now.

Rs. 499 Per Participant

Limited Time Offer

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