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Ask yourself this question every day:
1. What will be my life without my parents?
2. Will I be successful, like I am today?

If I will go to the street today, ask every random person about their personal meaning of success, I may get thousands or lakhs of different parameters to which people relate their success to. I am not saying that all these people are wrong, I just want to highlight that when we truly understand each person’s perspective of success, we can clearly divide them into three categories.
1. Possess a healthy mind and body.
2. Maintain love & harmony in personal relationships.
3. Generate & accumulate wealth.

Now, take a moment to observe the above-given categories. Do you see any common link?

Our chief coach Mr. Bhavin J. Shah found out something that was very common but widely unknown, i.e. the role of a strong foundation in each success category. Now, when he talks about a strong foundation, he doesn’t necessarily mean having good education or experience instead, he is pointing towards the role that our parents play in our lives to push us closer to our desired success.
To explain the role of a strong foundation, I would like to add a real-world example that you may understand well – you must’ve heard of the tallest building in the world: BurjKhalifa
You may even know that it is an astonishing 830 mts long accommodating a whopping 163 number of floors, but what we don’t know about it is that to make this amazing piece of art stand high and strong, builders have built 20 floors underneath the ground to provide the needed strength to the tallest tower in the world.
Now, when we know that parents play an important role in the success of our life, why is it we never appreciate their role? In Fact, in reality to the worst of it, we undermine them and hurt their feelings many a time.
Have you ever tried to find out the reason for it?
our chief-coach Bhavin J. Shah believes that the mindsets and perceptions formed during our early and later childhood are the keys to all the negative thoughts in our minds. All of us, at a very young age, form perceptions about the behavior of things and people surrounding us. These perceptions, later on in our lives, become prejudices through which we observe and judge people around us. It’s like seeing people through a glass wall without understanding their hearts and minds.

Our parents are the pillars of our life. Now, it is upon us to understand the importance of the foundation of our lives i.e. our parents and start appreciating their little efforts. It is important that we love and respect their feelings. Follow and remember their guides and compromises they are doing or did for us. Understand the fact that parents are the most important people in our life. Respect your parents, Believe in them and share the importance of parents in life with others.

It’s time to ‘THANK OUR PARENTS’.

"We see what we want to see, rather than what we actually see"

Who Must Attend?

15-55 Age Group

*If Organised for Students, they must attend with Parents.


  •  Physical and mental well-being + good relations with close people + financial     prosperity.
  • Distinguished relationship with your source (parents).
  •  Achievement of happiness and peace in family.
  •  A sense of respect for yourself. 

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